Custom Orthotics

Our advanced composite orthotic range represents the very latest advancements in orthotic technology and has been developed to restore function and independence in patients who may have lost mobility following injury, disease or congenital conditions.

By providing support, and relieving pain and weakness, our custom carbon orthoses help to ensure users can continue living life to the fullest.

Unique Prescription

Our patients’ needs are at the heart of our orthotic design. Every patient undergoes a personalised evaluation from one of our expert orthotists, who specialise in the latest custom carbon designs. Together they will set realistic goals to help ensure the user achieves their fullest rehabilitation potential.

Advanced Materials, Optimised Designs

The use of advanced ‘pre-preg’ composites, such as carbon, Kevlar and Dynemma that have be pre-impregnated with partially cured epoxy resin allows for the production of mechanically superior orthoses. This takes clinical possibilities to a new level compared with plastics and metals. 

Pre-preg carbon fiber is best known for its use in military aircraft and Formula One racing cars, and more recently by Paralympic sprinters in the form of carbon running blades. There are many benefits to using these materials for orthotics.

High strength – pre-preg carbon fibre can have a high level of stiffness and high fatigue limits making it ideal for the most active of clients.

Durability – significantly more durable, retaining their functionality significantly longer than conventional orthoses.

Light weight – lighter than traditional materials such as plastic, or even acrylic laminated carbon fibre, without compromising on the physical properties this means the client is never held back by the weight of their orthosis.

Thinner – because of the strength of the material, we can make the orthosis thinner making it easier to accommodate the orthosis comfortably within a shoe.

Energy Return – composites have proven energy storing capability and this can be capitalised within our orthotic design, exactly where the client needs it and with a high degree of accuracy.

Customisation – Not only can a pre-preg device be made bespoke to the client’s shape, pre-preg materials allows the clinician to design sections that are stiff or flexible, bespoke to the client’s needs.

Repairable – unlike plastics and metal orthoses, composite orthoses lend themselves to repair.

Style – Composites produce orthoses with a consistently high quality finish and the material lends itself well to individual art work and hydrographic printing for further customisation.