Clinical Services

Specialist multi-disciplinary clinics are held regularly in our Sheffield clinic, where we conduct a joint orthotic and physio assessment, cast and check fitting on the same day with a further appointment to fit and supply the brace only two weeks later.

With purpose-built pre-preg carbon fibre manufacturing facilities on-site, our orthotists work closely with the manufacturing team to ensure an optimal design specification for each individual user’s needs.

Our orthotists can also treat patients in our Stoke, Kettering and Basingstoke clinics however 3 separate appointments will be required at these locations.

Tailored Rehabilitation

For best results we recommend that tailored, intensive rehabilitation is undertaken when new orthoses are prescribed. Evidence suggests that results are 30% better* when combined with a tailored rehabilitation programme.

Blatchford Clinic provides bespoke out-patient or intensive residential rehabilitation packages to help achieve long term rehabilitation goals, whether they are to walk pain-free or to return to sports such as running.

Our specialist Physiotherapists are experienced in working with advanced orthotic devices and can ensure the user learns to walk and run again in the most efficient way. They can also help to identify other areas of muscle imbalance and provide general strength and conditioning work to ensure the best functional outcomes are achieved.