Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)

Blatchford offers a full range of AFOs that provide support and alignment control at the ankle and foot. An AFO can be designed to limit motion when required, or tailored to allow ankle motion with dynamic assistance to improve walking symmetry. There are many types of ankle joint available which introduce free, controlled or assisted motion, to ease movement when walking on stairs or slopes.

Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses (KAFO)

Our KAFO products are designed to support the knee, ankle and foot joints and to control movement throughout the full length of the lower limb. This can help relieve painful motion and improve mobilisation due to lower limb weakness. There are many knee and ankle joint components that can be used for focused movement or immobilisation. These include stance phase control knee joints which provide full stability upon weight bearing, and release on swinging the leg through. This provides the KAFO user with a more natural and energy efficient gait pattern.

Knee Orthosis

This orthosis focuses on protection of the knee joint when the foot and ankle are not affected. Blatchford’s range of custom made knee orthoses help ensure a total contact fit for comfort, support and natural movement.


Offering both dynamic and rigid properties, Custom Carbon insoles are slimline, for easier fitting in footwear. They provide total contact to help redistribute plantar pressures and improved biomechanical control.