About the CMP Brace®

The CMP (Corrective Movement Principle) Brace is the ultimate 3D, postural over-correction, asymmetrical brace, benefiting from curve classification and correction principles which offer optimally focused correction. Both the Curve Classification and Corrective Movement Principle, developed in the mid 90’s, have been clinically proven to be effective in more than 25 independent clinical brace trials

Unlike the simple classification systems used by other brace designs, CMP Brace curve classification is ultra-specific, considering far more than just the number of curves, spinal levels and direction. The CMP Brace classification differentiates between Primary Structural, Secondary Structural and Compensatory Curves, allowing optimally focused brace design.

Each brace is designed by the UK based Manufacturer’s own specialist Scoliosis Clinical Team, collectively having over 75 years’ experience in scoliosis bracing. Their in-house design team use the latest CAD/CAM technology to individually design each patient’s brace.