About the Gensingen Brace®

For the optimal outcome, it is best to brace whilst the child is young and still growing. Blatchford Scoliosis Clinic has been treating patients with the Gensingen Brace® since 2015. We work with Dr Weiss to assess, design and fit the Gensingen Brace® to offer the best management and treatment of scoliosis. This is a proven and effective non-surgical treatment for idiopathic scoliosis. The Gensingen Brace® is unique and unlike any other form of bracing available in the UK due to the method of correction, level of correction achieved, in-brace comfort and the cosmetic improvement.

The Gensingen Brace® aims to over-correct the forces causing the scoliosis, thereby reducing the curvature, allowing for more normal bone growth and a more symmetrical spine. The brace holds the spine as straight as possible to prevent bony changes in the vertebrae and allow the postural and spinal muscles to work in a corrected position. This prevents continued deterioration through growth and can achieve a straighter spine once the child has stopped growing, as well as improving the cosmetic appearance.

Blatchford paediatric Orthotists have undertaken specialist training and been certified by Dr Weiss to fit the Gensingen Brace®. They are the most experienced clinicians currently doing so in the UK.