Proven Clinical Results

The CMP Brace® works to target and reverse the complex 3-dimensional nature of scoliosis during the patient’s growth, aiming to prevent further progression, and where possible, achieving actual correction of the curve and postural deformity.

The brace removes the biomechanical influences of the scoliosis, over-correcting the 3D deformity and reversing the asymmetrical loading on the vertebral bodies. This aims to prevent further curve progression and, depending on a combination of factors including in brace correction, curve flexbility and growth potential, can achieve a reduction in the scoliosis deformity.

In scoliosis, the cosmetic deformity seen is mostly due to the rotation and postural imbalance created.  This is often seen by the presence of a rib hump, prominent shoulder blade, uneven waist symmetry or uneven shoulders. By using the CMP Brace® treats the full 3D aspect of scoliosis, reducing the rotational aspect as well as aiming to stabilise the posture balance, leaving an improved cosmetic appearance.

In comparison to asymmetrical rigid braces, such as the Boston Brace or TLSOs traditionally used across the UK,  the CMP  Brace® allows the corrective movement patten to become intergrated into the body’s posture (neuro-intergration).  This gives the wearer the best chance of preventing further progression, meaning at the end of brace wear, the position and posture achieved is a lot more stable.