Our Story

We are a UK based independent provider of mobility and rehabilitation services. Through our experienced multi-disciplinary team of clinicians our prosthetic, orthotic and rehab treatment options are tailored to each patient, ensuring the best possible rehabilitation outcome.

Our clinical team has a wealth of experience in all areas of rehabilitation and ensure treatment packages are tailored to return each patient, as far as possible, to their pre-injury level of mobility.

We work closely with case managers, insurers and legal professionals to provide immediate needs assessments, bespoke treatment packages and expert witness services for their clients.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Through our multi-disciplinary team of clinicians and access to world-class products, our mission is to provide the best rehabilitation outcome and return our patients, as far as possible, to their pre-injury level of mobility.


Through understanding the needs of patients and with access to world-class products, we focus on getting the best results for patients.


With transparent and respectful communication, we are motivated by a shared purpose and understand the impact of our contributions on patient goals.


We are stronger and achieve more as a team. Through partnerships, we empower patients to make informed decisions.


Through curiosity and ambitious thinking, we challenge convention to provide bespoke solutions for patients.